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healing app

 healing app

How the application works

The application is only a point of contact between the patient and the medical service providers.

The application will not replace the usual treatment based on a direct physical examination, but it is known that there are a limited amount of services that can be accomplished remotely and the application is concerned with this part   and cannot be a substitute for the usual medical service .

Doctors, nurses and bloggers as working in Idlib and who are on the application are duly licensed by the Ministry of Health.

The medical personnel in the application who are listed as being outside Idlib are outside the subject of this license, meaning that every service provider registered as being in Idlib must be licensed in the Ministry of Health of the Salvation Government. As for the worker outside the scope of the Salvation Government’s powers, he is outside the scope of the license   .

The administration of the application does not bear any legal consequences in the event of any conflict between the service applicants and its providers.

The data of each user is saved and no one can view it unless the user allows it through an option available in the application, and only his treating doctor can see it.

The application management is responsible for following up the financial problems related to the payment of service fees and the service provider’s obligation to provide the service agreed upon between them exclusively. Therefore, the application management is not responsible for paying the amounts resulting from the compensations awarded to service applicants in the event of a judicial dispute between service providers and between (the victim).

The user must agree to the terms of service (present as an appendix) before being able to use the application, and this is a contract between the service providers and the user.

The financial mechanism of the application is as follows:

To manage the application, authorized representatives to sell the financial balance distributed by regions, where the service applicant buys his balance from the representative.

The service applicant consumes his credit by obtaining the medical services available in the application.

The medical service provider takes his accumulated fees from the application administration with his balance in specific time periods by agreement between the service provider and the application administration.

For the application, fees separate from the doctor’s fees are taken from the service applicants, estimated at 5-10% of the value of the service provider’s wages  .


. These services are provided through the following doors:

First aid instructions

It is based on a number of doctors and the patient chooses whomever he wants from them.

The instructions provided by the doctor are based on a story without an examination aimed at providing urgent advice in emergency cases until the patient finds his  desired regular health service. The doctor does not bear any legal responsibility.

The fee is equivalent to 50%  of the value of the physical examination


Corona Clinic

Given that corona cases occur explosively and the number of patients increases dramatically in a short period, and that a corona patient is contagious to others, and that the disease has become understood in terms of diagnosis and management for doctors who worked in this field, providing consultations to corona patients through the application It saves a lot of trouble for patients in peak period.

The service is provided by a number of doctors who worked in isolation hospitals. The patient chooses the required doctor and the consultation is done through the application.

The consultation is paid at a value equivalent to 50% of the value of the physical examination, and the examination is a free review

Medical services by region

Here, the user chooses the desired area (Sarmada, Salqin...) and then chooses the type of service between free and paid.

free services

Through it, information is available about the required health facility, the types of services and their dates, the method of booking and contacts.

Paid services

It is distributed among private clinics and hospitals. In this section, the application provides the following services:

The possibility of booking an appointment for a physical examination in the clinic or hospital, and the value of the examination is paid in advance through the application.

The possibility of conducting a free review through the application without the need for physical presence when the situation permits.

The possibility of remote follow-up in cases that require frequent reviews, such as chronic diseases, for example, and it is half the value of the physical examination.

Consultation and here the doctor did not see the patient, but the patient has a health file that he wants to take a doctor’s point of view, and its value is set at 60% of the value of the physical examination.   

Medical services by specialization

And here the user reaches his goal based on the jurisdiction and not the region.

Nursing Services

Many people need someone who provides them with a home nursing service. The application allows communication with a nurse who provides the service at home. The value is paid in advance based on the type of service in agreement between the two parties.


The application allows communication with an ambulance equipped with a nurse (as needed) that transports patients on demand, and payment is made in advance through the application after agreeing on the value, according to the circumstances of the case.

Medical equipment and medical maintenance centers

The application allows communication with medical equipment and medical maintenance centers.

Complaint Box

It allows the user to submit complaints about problems that he may encounter while receiving services to be followed up  by the application administration.

An appendix to the terms of service that the applicant must agree to in order to be able to benefit from the application's features.

Terms of Service

1-                        This application offers various free and prepaid paid services.

2-                        Ambulance guidelines are a mechanism developed to provide emergency medical advice in emergency cases in which the desired medical service is not available, i.e. the patient or doctor does not have the  option of regular treatment, and therefore the doctor does not bear any legal responsibility. 

3-                        Reservation dates are approximate and it is difficult to adhere to them accurately by the doctor due to the large number of emergency cases.

4-                         The paid reservation can be canceled by the patient if there is more than 24 hours left for the examination, and here only the application fees are deducted, and if the examination date remains less than 24 hours, the reservation can be canceled and the application fees and 20% of the examination value will be deducted in favor of the doctor.

5-                         Reserving an examination appointment means booking an examination appointment in a private hospital or clinic.

6-                         The review means the well-known meaning of the review, and it is free, and the application fees are deducted only, and it is in the clinic or through the application.

7-                         Follow-up means... following up on a case previously known by the doctor, but the communication takes place after the free review period has passed, and it is at a value equivalent to 50% of the value of the examination.

8-                         Consultation means that a patient has a medical issue that has been studied in advance by medical authorities. The patient would like a doctor’s opinion   on this issue, the value of which is equivalent to approximately 60% of the value of the examination.

9-                         Application fees are estimated at 5...10% of the value of the original service.

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